Our Story

Since introducing the first comprehensive line of hardwood golf course amenities 16 years ago, our hand-crafted furnishings can be found on over 80 of the Top 100 Golf Courses in America, dozens of facilities that currently or have held Major Golf Championships, spanning six continents, 36 countries, and every state within the United States.

Warranty & Maintenance

All Rinowood™ hardwood products are guaranteed for 25 years against deterioration due to decay, salt, insects, and caustic chemicals. In addition to EasyCare™, our durable and environmentally-friendly recycled plastic lumber, we wholeheartedly stand behind the longevity of our products.

Unmatched Service

Our flexibility allows us to design and manufacture exactly to your specifications. Our sustained reputation for customer service makes it easy. Our superior craftsmanship makes it possible. Our team follows up with each and every client we work with and our best foot is forward from the get-go. Working with us is the easiest decision to make — our track record speaks for itself.

The True Industry Standard
We believe in one-time investments to keep your business strong.

Enhanced Rigidity

By using dado-slots on all framing pieces, the paneling and framework form a kind of "push-pull" effect that keeps the entire unit solid and prevents distortion due to wear and tear—no matter the material.

Underlying Structure

Moisture, temperature change, and constant UV bombardment will constantly cause the material to curl and warp, but this is counteracted by strategic pocket hole, fastener, and screw placement.

Stay-Tight Performance

Every screw, rivet, bolt, and fastener of any kind is made from 304 stainless steel, which means no rust stain drips or weakening of structural integrity from the outdoors—even from salt air or humid climates and other caustic chemicals.

Highest Return in the Industry!
When there are so many choices out there, the value of our furnishings shines through.


Vertical Frame True 2" x 2" Luxury & Hampton Series
Cross-Supports 2x4 Actual: 1½" x 3½" - Arched at Bottom and 2x3 Actual: 1½" x 2½"
Joinery Hidden Pocket Screws: 304 stainless steel hardware secure vertical legs and cross-supports for stronger framework and foundation. Dado Slots: T&G or HDPE Panels are held inside framework securely to prevent warping and to maximize longevity—hidden pocket holes are then applied to the paneling and lids to add even more rigidity to the unit.
Accent Boards Arched 2x6 or 2x4 pocket-holed to framework as a functioning cross-support board, while a dado slot applied to the bottom secures the paneling, adding to structure of unit Luxury Series.
Ice Chests Our coolers are double-walled and don’t require reinforcements for insulation. Spigots drain out and away from unit to prevent seepage and bacterial/mold growth. Industrial-strength compression dampers take the pressure off of hinges, other hardware, and the lid itself.


As a Wisconsin-based company, the weather in our own backyard is full of surprises—ranging all the way from subzero, snowy winters to hot, humid summers. It has taught us that you need to be prepared for anything. That's why all products that depart our facility are built for longevity, it's as simple as that.

Product Options
Choose your ideal model, made to order with a personalized touch.

  • Rinowood Luxury Series 26 Gallon Waste Enclosure

Luxury Series

  • One of our most popular models, the Luxury Series is the flagship of our lineup and the perfect edition to an elite course or club.
  • The units themselves are hearty, but possess intricate aesthetic details and an easy option to add a logo display—they are literally the whole package.
  • Rinowood Hampton Series 26 Gallon Waste Enclosure

Hampton Series

  • The Hampton Series preceded the Luxury Series and was the first to display its thicker profile framework and arched cross-supports.
  • Where it lacks in a readily available logo display, it makes up for it in pure heartiness to stand up to the harshest of elements.
  • Rinowood Original Series 26 Gallon Waste Enclosure

Original & Slatted Series

  • The classic, Original Series, where Landmark got its start. It's solid, dependable, and flawless. With the addition of V-Groove tongue-&-groove paneling on Rinowood models, the Original Series looks better than ever.
  • The Slatted Series shows strength in numbers—literally. Distributing multiple slats, riveted in a circle holds a lot of weight and integrity while creating a high-end presentation on par with a Top 100 course.

Many agree every aspect of Landmark's service is unmatched throughout the golf course industry.

  • "After completing a renovation, we were looking for amenities that would be consistent with our image. Landmark was the only company we considered. I appreciate the entire team and highly recommend them!"

    Sean McDermott
    PGA Director of Golf
    The Club at Admirals Cove

  • "I would recommend Landmark to another club for the simple reason that you will be purchasing a quality product. This will add to the high standards we all hold ourselves to out on the golf course."

    David J. McGregor
    Golf Course Superintendent
    Westwood Country Club

  • "Detail makes a difference in the golf industry and Landmark understands that. If you are looking to add exceptional detail and quality to your golf course or business look no further."

    Billy Downes
    Head Golf Professional
    GreatHorse Country Club

  • "We chose Landmark because we felt they offered the best products and service...We will certainly call on Landmark again, as they were able to customize items to fit our exact needs."

    Larry Klein
    Vice President & GM
    The Greenbrier Sporting Club

  • "Just as important was the degree of professionalism in their approach to meeting our needs. From concept, to design, production and delivery, we were pleased every step of the way."

    Robbie Gilmore, Jr.
    Golf Professional
    The Greenbrier Sporting Club