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Divot Mix Containers
round easycare divot mix containers
rinowood divot mix container
round rinowood divot mix container
Product Material
rinowood divot mix container

Rinowood™ is a hardwood tree found in abundance throughout Central and South America. It has been imported into the United States for over 50 years and is now the fastest growing choice of hardwoods for decks, docks, and piers due to its longevity.

black forest divot mix container
Black Forest™

Black Forest™ is the best of both worlds. Incorporating Rinowood™ and EasyCare™, these products are a unique blend of sustainable, classy, and modern.

easycare divot mix container

Made from top grade, extruded-recycled plastics, EasyCare™ products are made up of low maintenance, durable, and superbly–constructed indoor and outdoor furnishings.