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  • Rinowood Luxury Series 26 Gallon Waste Enclosure

Luxury Series

  • One of our most popular models, the Luxury Series is the flagship of our lineup and the perfect edition to an elite course or club.
  • The units themselves are hearty, but possess intricate aesthetic details and an easy option to add a logo display—they are literally the whole package.
  • Rinowood Hampton Series 26 Gallon Waste Enclosure

Hampton Series

  • The Hampton Series preceded the Luxury Series and was the first to display its thicker profile framework and arched cross-supports.
  • Where it lacks in a readily available logo display, it makes up for it in pure heartiness to stand up to the harshest of elements.
  • Rinowood Original Series 26 Gallon Waste Enclosure

Original & Slatted Series

  • The classic, Original Series, where Landmark got its start. It's solid, dependable, and flawless. With the addition of V-Groove tongue-&-groove paneling on Rinowood models, the Original Series looks better than ever.
  • The Slatted Series shows strength in numbers—literally. Distributing multiple slats, riveted in a circle holds a lot of weight and integrity while creating a high-end presentation on par with a Top 100 course.
  • Rinowood Original Series 26 Gallon Waste Enclosure with LX Board

Original Series (LX)

  • Combining the stunning visual aestheic of the accent display board with the Original Series framework.
  • Call for more details!