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Sustainability Information™


  • 100% biodegradable, requiring one energy source—the sun.
  • Traps and holds carbon before and after being manufactured.
  • Down to the bark, the entire tree is used; nothing goes to waste.
  • Cultivated responsibly, not harvested from the wild.
  • Low pollution rates in harvesting and milling.
  • Our supplier of hardwoods is certified by USGBC (LEED) and FSC.



  • Among plastics, HDPE is the most environmentally–stable.
  • Made from recycled HDPE (milk jugs).
  • Part of a green business practice that keeps hundreds of milk jugs out of landfills every year.
  • The use of HDPE lumber contributes toward satisfying credits under LEED®.
  • Can be stripped down and reintroduced into the recycling stream.
  • HDPE emits no harmful fumes into the environment and is 100% BPA–free.