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Specialty Custom Options

rinowood custom amenity station
rinowood custom water cooler enclosure
rinowood custom scoreboard

Custom Sizing

Personalize the weight and dimensions of our products to best fit your space.

Custom Color

Choose any combination of our EasyCare™ colors to match the aesthetic of your club.

Custom Function

Tailor the layout of certain products to operate effectively in your space.

Custom Branding

Choose from our high–end logo display options to make any product your own.

Logo Options

Personalized Branding

enhanced rigidity industry standard
We start by selecting only metal grades that meet or exceed industry standards. Our bronze alloy contains roughly 85% copper, making it an excellent metal for exterior use. Without a proper finish, even the strongest metals will fall victim to the environment. Our powder–coat and clear–coat systems exceed industry standards, offering the best protection for your investment. Landmark also provides a unique opportunity to accommodate nearly all shape and size requests.

Cast Bronze & Aluminum
enhanced rigidity industry standard
Our most common method of personalizing club furniture, the Landmark laser branding signature service is now more efficient and more cost effective than ever. Using a highly concentrated laser, our machine is as versatile as it is precise. We can burn your logo and/or corporate identity into a variety of materials, including all options in our Hardwoods collection and even granite at an astounding 500 DPI (dots per inch), ensuring an exact replica of your logo every time.

Laser Engraving
enhanced rigidity industry standard
Our custom laser cutting service offers you the ability to have a logo, identity, or design cut from a variety of metals. It allows a level of accuracy and complexity impossible with conventional machining tools, such as smooth curves in text and complex logo designs. A wide variety of custom metal finishes are available, including polished, aged, rusted, and antique finishes. We started our laser cutting service to create custom logos, but of course, and part is welcome—including projects requiring custom metal design accents.

Laser Cut Metal

enhanced rigidity industry standard
Using two state–of–the–art CNC machines, we are able to router and color–fill intricate logo designs into your Rinowood™ or EasyCare™ products, offering a vibrant, long–lasting approach to personalizing your exterior presentation.

Routered & Poured
enhanced rigidity industry standard
There is no better compliment to Rinowood™ and recycled plastic than sandblasted natural stone. Offering a wide range of stone colors and shapes cut to meet any design, Landmark natural granite tiles are a wonderful choice for your logo presentation.

enhanced rigidity industry standard
Our decals are made from high–strength 3M IJ80–10 Film (for solvent, UV & Latex Ink Jet Printing) with excellent adherence, water, moisture, and weather resistance (not including immersion). They also resist mild alkali, mild acids, and salt.

Vinyl Decal

enhanced rigidity industry standard
A squeegee slides across the screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink, making contact with the substrate. One color is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce a multicolored image or logo.

Screen Printing
enhanced rigidity industry standard
Our custom embroidered process features oversized logos with up to 10,000 stitches specifically digitized to retain maximum detail.