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The Landmark Difference: Where Luxury Meets Durability

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Golf Course Furnishings

Elevating courses to world–class properties, we use the finest materials to manufacture luxury outdoor furnishings befitting the golf course industry.


Our Rinowood™ is sourced according to all FSC guidelines and our EasyCare™ material is made up of GreenCircle®–certified recycled HDPE.

Our Materials


Rinowood™ has been imported into the United States for over 50 years and is now the fastest growing choice of hardwoods for decks, docks, and piers due to its longevity.

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Made from top grade, extruded–recycled plastics, EasyCare™ products are made up of low maintenance, durable, and superbly constructed indoor and outdoor furnishings.

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Black Forest™

Black Forest™ is the best of both worlds. Incorporating Rinowood™ and EasyCare™, these products are a unique blend of sustainable, classy, and modern.

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The True Industry Standard

We believe in one-time investments to keep your business strong.

enhanced rigidity industry standard
By using dado-slots on all framing pieces, the paneling and framework form a kind of "push–pull" effect that keeps the entire unit solid and prevents distortion due to wear and tear–no matter the material.
Enhanced Rigidity
underlying structure industry standard
Moisture, temperature change, and constant UV bombardment will constantly cause the material to curl and warp, but this is counteracted by strategic pocket hole, fastener, and screw placement.
Underlying Structure
stay tight performance industry standard
Every screw, rivet, bolt, and fastener of any kind is made from 304 stainless steel, which means no rust stain drips or weakening of structural integrity from the outdoors–even from salt air or humid climates and other caustic chemicals.
Stay–Tight Performance